Alex's Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Carpets and Janitorial

Carpet Cleaning
Alex's Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning gives your carpets and upholstery the royal treatment every time. We provide a thorough cleaning with our extraction method. Revitalize your furniture and floors! 
Are stubborn pet odors plaguing your carpet? With our deep-down cleaning method, dog or cat odors are eliminated for good! We also provide Scotchguard protection to help future staining.


Our cleaning methods are based on the type of fabric you have. Furniture will normally have a tag attached to the base or the bottom. This tag will generally have a cleaning class of S, SW or W. Our trained service technicians will be able to determine the correct cleaning process based on the class of the fabric.


Ceramic tile cleaning is very similar to carpet cleaning,however it is engineered for harder surface areas. Tile cleaning is designed to deep clean the crevasses and pores of tile using the constant pressure of hot water. This type of deep cleaning can not be achieved by mopping. We also prove grout cleaning as well. The cleaning method will take about an hour to dry. We also prove commercial strip and wax of VCT tile and natural stone cleaning.


After cleaning, the use of a protectant on your carpets and upholstery enables you to spot clean a lot more efficiently and extends the life of your carpet and furniture. it is highly recommended to re-apply the protectant after each cleaning to help maintain the health and integrity of your carpet or upholstery.


Smoking, pet odors and other unfavorable smells can become unbearable and embarrassing. We offer many different solutions for pet odors and provide you with information on how to keep the odors from resurfacing. Topical deodorizes are applied,at no extra cost, with all of our carpet cleaning. Some cases that require additional deodorizers than what is included in our carpet cleaning do have an additional fee.

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